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Privacy Policy


It is the intent of ERW to build our membership list to maximize our
community’s political power and at the same time protect the
confidentiality of our members.

This policy and process applies to all forms of names
collected whether it be online, through ‘tell-a-friend’ online, donor
forms, activist petitions or any other form of collecting donor, member
or activist information.

With everything that ERW does to collect contact information
of its donors, activists and volunteers, we will include ‘opt out’
options in regard to sharing of information. Those who opt out of our
standard information-sharing practices will not have their information
shared ever.


I. Email addresses
ERW will never allow any individual, organization or other entity
access to the email addresses of our members, donors or activists.

II. Postal Mail
Sharing with individuals and political campaigns: ERW may rent our
postal address list to a third party for use of issue advocacy only.
This list may never be used soley for fundraising purposes. The postal
address list may only be rented to a third party mail house, and only
if the individual or political campaign has been formally endorsed by
the ERW Board of Directors. If an individual or political campaign is
found to be using the postal address list for fundraising purposes the
list sharing relationship will be terminated in perpetuity.

ERW will never hand over access in part or its entirety, the list of
ERW members’ postal addresses to another individual, organization or
political campaign unless conducting a list sharing agreement. Sharing
postal addresses is an important way for progressive organizations to
share information across issue areas.

Sharing with allied or other like-minded organizations: The ERW
Executive Director may do a list swap for the same amount of names,
addresses and phone numbers and other contact-related information,
excluding email addresses, at his/her discretion as long as access to
the other organization’s members furthers the mission of Equal Rights
Washington. This is an important way for progressive organizations to
share information across issue areas, build coalitions, and bring their
messages to potentially sympathetic audiences.

III. Phone Numbers

ERW may sell or swap phone numbers with like-minded organizations in
the same process as outlined in the above ‘Postal Mail’ section.

Policy last updated: October 7, 2005.