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Though great progress has been made, the HIV/AIDS crisis is
far from over. Equal Rights Washington supports the positions held by
the Communities in Action Network (CAN) and Lifelong AIDS Alliance,

  • Retention of Washington’s leading-edge AIDS Omnibus law which focuses prevention resources where they are most needed
  • Improved coordination and collaboration between state
    agencies for HIV prevention among substance abuse and mental health
    service providers
  • Comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality education
  • Efforts to expand affordable and comprehensive insurance
    access, including prescription drug coverage benefits to all Washington
    residents whether through public (WSHIP, Medicaid, EIP, EHIP) or
    private programs
  • Opposing efforts to weaken or repeal the state’s law permitting the use of medical marijuana
  • Opposing legislation that limits or denies public
    assistance to groups or individuals at risk for or living with HIV
    disease, including immigrants and undocumented aliens
  • Strong accountability standards and community input
    regarding the distribution and allocation of AIDS Omnibus funds
    including clear performance measures and guidelines
  • State and local efforts to provide comprehensive housing resources for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Continued access to anonymous HIV testing throughout the state

For information about HIV/AIDS and how you can get involved, visit Lifelong AIDS Alliance or the Communities in Action Network.